Women's and Gender Studies History Conference at UTEP Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence

Women's and Gender Studies History Conference at UTEP

Women’s & Gender Studies Program at UTEP

We are an interdisciplinary program for women and men to develop, analyze, and explore an array of multifaceted themes such as women, gender relations, race, and sexuality. Though the Women’s Studies Program was officially created in 1981, UTEP has supported Women’s Studies by offering a variety of individual Women’s Studies courses since the early ’70s. Now, however, our classes are more diverse, more abundant, and more in demand than ever!

Today’s job market increasingly desires candidates with a greater understanding of culture, race and gender. Women’s Studies courses offer students a rigorous and challenging education in topics ranging from feminist theory, the history of gender relations, and gender roles in society to gender, health and medicine; women, power and politics; women in theater; and women in literature. 

In addition, UTEP’s unique position on the border with Mexico allows Women’s Studies to offer specialized classes such as la Chicana and the History of Latin American women, which explore the rich and often overlooked history and contributions of Latinas, and give students from both sides of the Rio Grande the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the distinctive world in which they live. We also offer specialized topics in subjects including Queer studies, Middle Eastern studies, and religious studies.

Because of its unique interdisciplinary nature, a Women’s Studies minor can be a great asset to any field of study, any profession, or any major UTEP has to offer. Our eighteen credit hour program fosters a better understanding of gender relations and equality for the workplace. 

Most Women’s Studies classes are cross listed with other UTEP programs such as humanities, film studies, communication, or business to offer students the chance to specialize their minor to best suit their needs by exploring a variety subjects or by narrowing their focus to a specific discipline. Many of UTEP’s finest professors team up with Women’s Studies to offer a more comprehensive perspective on their classes! Our students who receive Women’s Studies minors have put their skill to work the areas of social justice, non-profit, health, business, and law among many other fields.

Our Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate allows degree-seeking and non-degree seeking candidates specialization in Women’s Studies. Like the Women’s Studies minor, this comprehensive twelve hour program offers graduate students the opportunity to work closely with a variety of excellent professors from many disciplines. Graduate Certificate candidates will explore in depth feminist theory, which they will apply to other Women’s Studies courses cross listed with classes that compliment their own degree. Students who complete this program will graduate UTEP better equipped to deal with the complex issues faced in a world of globalization.

Enrollment and demand for Women’s Studies have recently increased so much that we are now working on developing a Women’s Studies major for students who want more knowledge and critical thinking skills in this stimulating field.

Visit us @ https://www.utep.edu/liberalarts/women-studies/

For more information please contact:

Dr. Guillermina Gina Núñez-Mchiri
Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Texas, El Paso
500 W. University Ave., El Paso, TX 79968
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